Willow Spring Ranch

Willow Spring Ranch Montana raises certified organic, grass fed and finished lamb. They are devoted to managing their land sustainably and giving their lambs low stress, high quality lives. They practice non-lethal predator control and seek to maintain a balance between the agricultural and wildlife areas of their ranch. In addition to raising lambs on their own pastures, they are devoted to increasing awareness and availability of Montana sustainably grown, organic lamb.

Cloud Nine Farms

Cloud Nine Farm is a biodiverse family farm practicing Permaculture and growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, seedlings, fruit trees and livestock 35 miles northeast of Bozeman, Montana near the ranching community of Wilsall. They farm using traditional organic farming methods such as crop rotation and cover-cropping, feed their animals Certified Organic grains, and never use harmful or poisonous chemicals or GMOs on our farm.

Amalthea Dairy

Amaltheia Organic Dairy is a sustainable, organic company that makes organic goat cheeses.   They make great products while considering their impact on the land and have made it their priority to keep their property and Montana the beautiful place that it is.